Our Doggie Diapers

We are the home of the original  Disposable Male Dog Wraps.  Our Wiki Wags brand is a Registered Trademark and our disposable male dog wraps are also Design Patented.  Being super efficient, our male wraps are made for absorbency and comfort. They go around the waist only and not between the legs or around the tail. Our belly bands also help with incontinence problems and house training.

With dual re-adjustable tabs, they can be taken off when going outside with your dog and then put back on when returning indoors. Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps holds an enormous amount of liquid that stays locked away from the dog's body, leaving the hair dry and odor free. Try for yourself and see the difference when your home returns to normal without all the burdensome clean-ups.

Disposable Male Dog Wraps

Male Problem Solved!

If you are dealing with a male dog who is persistently wetting in the house, you know you have the potential for a major problem. But rest assured our male dog diapers are here for you. With our Wiki Wags Disposables, the Disposable Male Dog Wraps you can count on!

HELP is our middle name, Wiki Wags is our first name and Disposable Male Diapers is our last name...and that's a Wrap!

Accidents resulting from Territorial Marking, Excitable Tinkling, Social Visits or a Day at the Office, even Senior Incontinence or Latent Health Issues are a problem solved with our Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Wraps. We have you covered!

Keep your sanity and let your dog roam the house with freedom! No more cage time, quarantined to the laundry room or put outdoors because of bad habits with potty marking in the house. That remodeling job with new carpeting won't be a problem any longer when you use our fabulous Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Dog Wraps.

Did the old fella wet in YOUR bed? Thought that was the end of the world for both of you? No Problem! Get the best #Disposable Male Dog Wrap on the market and enjoy your nights sleep.

Order today - you won't want to run out!

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