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We are the home of the original Disposable Male Dog Wraps. Wiki Wags brand is a Registered Trademark and our wraps are also Design Patented.  Super efficient, our male wraps are made for absorbency and comfort. They go around the waist only and not between the legs or around the tail.

Problem Solved!

If you are dealing with a male dog who is persistently wetting in the house, you know you have a major problem but rest assured we are here for you! HELP is our middle name, Wiki Wags is our first name and Disposable Male Diaper Wraps is our last name...

Whether it's territorial marking, excitable tinkling, going on social visits or a day at the office, senior incontinence or latent health problems, you can depend on the Wiki Wags brand Disposable Male Wraps. We have you covered!